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rich:validator doesn't work when loaded via ajax (re-render)



      When loading input components with a rich:validator via ajax (re-render), client side validation bridge breaks due to a missing JS function av_xxxxxxxxx.

      As already described in further detail in a comment to this JIRA here:

      I've created a very basic example project to reproduce the problem for a single input field which becomes visible (re-rendered) when you click on an a4j:commandButton.

      Please note that this is a minimum example only. The problem is also reproducable for other input components besides h:inputText - like for example rich:calendar.

      The workaround described in the referenced JIRA creates other problems in client JS when combined with other components like rich:focus and is also not applicable for other input components besides h:inputText.

      We think the problem is located in the way JS functions are optimized for being re-used as well as in the way they are (not) being added on the client side when a component becomes visible on ajax response re-rendering.

      Please use attached eclipse project to easily reproduce the problem => open Firefox => Firebug console to see the error about the missing JS function av_xxxxxxx ...

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