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      With this announcement, will the Railo S3 Resource Core Extension be
      updated with a 'Multipart' option?

      <cffile action="copy" multipart="true" source="#variables.sourcefile#"
      #variables.bucket#/#variables.destfile#" />

      I don't know if it would be that simple. I haven't read the docs in
      detail, but I would hope so. In fact, possibly make it default to
      'true' and an option to set it to false. Not sure when you would not
      want faster and more reliable uploads.

      Docs for Java:

      And the AWS email I received:

      Dear Amazon S3 Customer,

      We are excited to announce Multipart Upload which enables faster, more
      flexible uploads into Amazon S3. Multipart Upload allows you to upload
      a single object as a set of parts. Each part is a contiguous portion
      of the objects data. You can upload these object parts independently
      and in any order. If transmission of any part fails, you can
      retransmit that part without affecting other parts. After all parts of
      your object are uploaded, Amazon S3 then presents the data as a single
      Multipart Upload enables several features we've heard customers ask

      • Parallel uploads - upload multiple parts of an object in
        parallel to improve throughput
      • Pause - begin uploading parts of an object then stop and wait as
        long as you like before resuming
      • Resume - resume an upload that was paused or one that only
        partially succeeded
      • Unknown size uploads - begin uploading data before you know the
        total size of the object

      The AWS Java, .NET and PHP SDKs have also been updated to support
      multipart uploads. For more information on Multipart Upload, review
      the Multipart Upload section of the Amazon S3 Developer Guide or
      attend the Amazon S3 Multipart Upload webcast on November 17.


      The Amazon S3 Team

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