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Add sysTypes to powervs_regions.go


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      Currently all regions have available sysTypes of s922 or e980

      However with mad02, a sysType of s1022 will be the only option.

      Because of the short window of 4.15 I'm suggesting that we hardcode the values for available system types into powervs_regions.go however I am open to a solution that queries the region for sysType if there is an easy way to do it. Depending on the complexity that may have to wait for 4.16.

      For now, I think we should:
      1) Add sysType array to powervs_regions.go
      2) Update the sysType validation to ensure that sysType is in the array (rather than checking the static map we have today)
      3) Ensure that this value will be passed into terraform. I believe it is today, but please confirm.

            miyamoto.h Hiro Miyamoto
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