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    • OCPSTRAT-360 - IPI on PowerVS (GA)
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      We need to try some experiments with PER to fully understand how to set it up and how it works with VPC

      For this spike:

      1. Deploy a new Power VS Workspace in dal10 (the only place PER is available currently)
      2. Create a VPC
      3. Create a transit gateway that connects the two
      4. Validate that we can reach the VPC network from the Power VS Workspace
      5. Validate that we can reach the Power VS Workspace from the VPC
        Optional tasks for if we're blocked long enough that we can't try this during development, we should manually validate the following:
      6. Can we use the load balancers as expected?
      7. Can we reach the COS and DNS endpoints?

            hamzy_redhat Mark Hamzy
            mturek.coreos Michael Turek
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