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ModeShape 3.8.0 not releasing JDBC connections to the pool


    In Overlord, we upgraded S-RAMP to use ModeShape 3.8.0. Immediately after, it appears ModeShape/Infinispan is not returning connections to the connection pool (at least for Tomcat and Jetty). Here's an example setup w/ a Tomcat DataSource, Infinispan config, and ModeShape config:


    If I temporarily reduce the connection pool to something like 5, S-RAMP will hang when attempting to persist the 5th artifact. A few things to note, and things I've tried:

    • If we keep all configs and the ISPN version the same, but revert to MS 3.6.0, this issue does not occur.
    • Not using JTA – ISPN is setup to use its DummyTransactionManagerLookup.
    • ISPN defaults to autoCommit="true", so I set defaultAutoCommit="true" on the Tomcat DS as well.
    • Using ISPN 5.2.10

    The hanging occurs on a Session#save. The JcrXaSession shows the following nodes, prior to the save: https://gist.github.com/brmeyer/e089ff05f02cb5357999

    Note that the saves work fine up until the nth persist, where n is the # of max connections in the jdbc pool.

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