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Console Scenario: Add new data storage



      Josh accesses the console in the browser and logs in. He is presented with the list of his applications, and he selects one which takes him to the application dashboard. If there is only one application he is taken straight to the dashboard. He selects to add a new Data resource to his application, and right now his only choice is "MongoDB" and it is pre selected. He sees the header "Configure your mongo instance" together with "Doesn't have MongoDB installed? Get it here". The fields for configuring mongo are shown below. urlPath(required) (default to ‘/storage’, unless that url is already used), host(required), port(required), database name(required), [security]

      { username, password.}

      . He fills them in and clicks on the button "Save" and is redirected to the "Data page" with the message of success.

      Where?: Could be anywhere, from a desk in an office to a coffee shop
      Interrupted?: This process is short enough that it is unlikely for Josh to be interrupted
      Concurrent Usage?: Again, the process is short enough it’s unlikely he’d be actively doing something else at the same time.
      Result: A new storage resource is present for the chosen application, with whatever resource path was chosen during creation.

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