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Bottlenecks in testsuite-arquillian



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      It seems there are still some performance bottlenecks or leaks in integration-arquillian. For example:

      • There are still some tests, which leave unclosed adminClient instances (which means unclosed HttpClient connection pools under the hood). For example PermissionsTest currently opens tens of adminClient and leaves them unclosed. Similarly ConcurrencyTest. There are probably much more others...

      We should verify other leaks and possibly other unclosed resources (For example, does drone WebDriver needs to be closed or not? Currently it seems it's unclosed at the end of test. etc...)

      • Other possible improvements might be to import/delete realms before testClass rather than before (after) each test method? Adding the mail from Stan about other performance status :

      I've tried to gather some stats on how the migration is going. The first of these stats are based on comparing two Travis build logs. The first log[1] is from March 29th, which is when Stian sent out his "Migrate Testsuite" email that aimed to coordinate the effort a little better. The second log [2] is from today.

      March 29th
      Old testsuite:
      — 679 tests
      — 9:21 running time
      New testsuite:
      — 127 tests
      — 6:32

      Old testsuite:
      — 393 tests
      — 6:18 running time
      New testsuite:
      — 547 tests
      — 29:23 running time

      Some conclusions

      • In the past two months we have migrated 286 tests. We have 393 left to go.
      • In that time, 134 brand new tests have been added to the new testsuite.
      • The old testsuite averaged 0.83 seconds per test (old log) and 0.96 seconds per test (new log)
      • The new testsuite averaged 3.09 seconds per test (old log) and 3.22 seconds per test (new log)

      Reference logs
      [1] https://s3.amazonaws.com/archive.travis-ci.org/jobs/119194621/log.txt
      [2] https://s3.amazonaws.com/archive.travis-ci.org/jobs/132830488/log.txt


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