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Internationalization support for login and account management



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      All end-user facing pages should support internationalization. This applies to login forms and account management.

      This should be done by enabling internationalization for a realm and providing internationalization support in themes.

      Realm config

      A realm should have the following configuration options:

      • Enable internationalization
      • List of supported locales

      Locale to user

      The locale to use will be the first of the following that returns a result:

      1. Locale cookie
      2. User profile
      3. ui_locales query parameter
      4. Accept-Language header
      5. Default locale for realm

      Manually set locale

      A user can manually set the locale in:

      • A drop-down box on login forms
      • A drop-down box on account management
      • In the user profile

      If a user manually sets the locale an locale cookie will be created. This will be used to set the locale next time the login screen is displayed.

      If the locale cookie is not set and the user has a locale set on its profile the locale cookie will be created.

      What needs to be internationalized

      Our built-in themes should strive to only require internationalized message bundles and when absolutely required stylesheet overrides (for example for right-to-left languages). However, themes should support internationalized:

      • Message bundles
      • Stylesheets
      • Templates

      If internationalization is required for images this should by specifying different images either through stylesheets or templates.

      What locales do we need to support

      We'll need to at least support English. Probably also a second language as an example.


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