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enable asynchronous availability checking in jboss as plugins



      Some people have reported that they are getting false alerts that their JBossAS servers are going down when they are still up.

      The problem seems to be that their JBossAS servers are very slow in responding to the jboss plugin's availability check "pings".

      If a resource cannot reply back within 5 seconds that it is UP or DOWN, it will be assumed DOWN.

      To work around this, the plugin needs to implement asynchronous availability checking. To read more about async avail collection, see this RHQ JIRA: http://jira.rhq-project.org/browse/RHQ-551

      Recommend that the JBossAS 4/5 plugins implement async collection to avoid false-negatives in the case when a JBossAS server is under such high load that it cannot reply back within 5s that it is up.

      Suggest we add a plugin configuration setting "availabilityCheckPeriod". If this is NOT set (it is not required), then nothing should change and the plugin behaves as it always does (i.e. do not use the async avail collector). If it is set, we will turn on async avail collection and the number of seconds specified in the new plugin config property will indicate how often availability checks will be performed (typically, people will want 60s, which is the minimum allowed value).

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