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Omit unnecessary external schemas in generated wsdl



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      We have a stateless EJB exposed as a SOAP Web Services endpoint on a EAP 4.3 working perfectly. We have now ported this to EAP 6.4 and noticed that the WSDL that it generates includes 3rd party schema definitions for some internal data elements that are not part of any of the Web Services method's input or output parameter. On EAP 4.3 we do not see such schema definitions for internal data elements included. Please see attached two WSDL files, also the source code for EJB.

      What I can see is that the implementation of 4 WebMethods [beginWebPayment(), updateWebPayment(), getWebPayment() & cancelWebPayment()] makes a call to a private method convertRequest() that returns WebPaymentInternal which in turn contains a private member that is an instance of a EBay defined object. If I comment out these 4 methods then the resulting WSDL does not contain three EBay specific schema definitions, otherwise those three EBay specific schema definitions are included. What I do not understand why the WSDL need to expose internal data definitions when they are not part of any interface.




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