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Consider using a common code style throughout Narayana



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      I think we should consider using a common code style throughout the TS project. The benefits of doing this are as follows:

      1. You can automate code formatting. This is a real productivity boost as you can type away, thinking about your code, rather than the style. When you hit save, or trigger it directly, the code is formatted.
        1. This is not possible without a project wide code style as you too frequently re-format code that needs to stay in someone else's personal style. You can't commit this changed code as; a) it may annoy the "owner" and b) it results in a change that can't be diffed (every line may be changed).
      2. We get consistency over the whole project, making it easier to read code written by others.
      3. We have to do this anyway for code we maintain inside the JBossAS project as the project refuses to build if it doesn't adhere to their style.

      Personally, I like the style I've used for the last 10 years. I find it harder to read code that is not in this style. Hence I can understand why people may object to changing their style. However, this is the very reason why a common style is beneficial. You can get used to a new style and once you do, the entire project will be styled in the way that you are used to. Providing the style is sensible, I would much rather use a style consistent across the projects I work on. I'm happy for that style to be different to my current style.

      As I stated above JBossAS mandates a style at build time. I don't particularly like the style (braces should occupy their own line, IMO) but I'm happy to go with this one if it becomes the Narayana standard style.

      I think we should also break the build for violations. This should prevent mistakes making their way into SVN.




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