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Need finer grained control over which XAResource is used for recovery



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      During recovery when we recreate an XAResource we need one which knows about the xid that is being recovered. We implement this in the XARecoveryModule which calls recover() on each resource returned by registered XA recovery helpers. If the xid returned from recover matches against the one we are recovering we use that XAResource to drive recovery.

      However, some RMs will return all prepared transaction branches and not just the ones specific to the particular resource we made the recover call on. The scenario that led to the issue was configuring 2 datasources against the same database but with different credentials. If we replay the commit on the "wrong" one we get ORA-24774: "The transaction specified in the call refers to a transaction created by a different user".

      The fix is to return an XA resource that matches the JNDI name we logged in the recovery record and if the JNDI name is not available we drop back to using the current solution (note that the name is available when running in wildfly/EAP) .

      And finally, I I wonder if we want to make this new behaviour optional?




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