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    • Affects Version/s: 4.4.3.Final
    • Fix Version/s: 4.4.3.Final
    • Component/s: Fuse IDE, QE
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      ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testDataFormatAvailability:186 gzip - GZip compression data format
        ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testDataFormatAvailability:186 json-johnzon - Camel Johnzon support
        ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testDataFormatAvailability:186 protobuf - Camel Google Protobuf data format support
        ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testDataFormatAvailability:186 serialization - Java Object Serialization data format
        ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testDataFormatAvailability:186 string - String (text based) data format
        ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testDataFormatAvailability:186 zip - Zip compression data format (not for zip files)
        ConfigurationsEditorDataFormatsTest.testSourceXML:302 zipfile - Camel Zip file support
      ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testEditEndpoint:247 CXF - The cxf component is used for SOAP WebServices using Apache CXF.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testCreateEndpoint:212 IMAPS - To send or receive emails using imap/pop3 or stmp protocols.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testCreateEndpoint:212 JDBC - The jdbc component enables you to access databases through JDBC where SQL queries are sent in the message body.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testEditEndpoint:247 Linkedin - The linkedin component is uses for retrieving LinkedIn user profiles connections companies groups posts etc.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testCreateEndpoint:212 Linkedin - The linkedin component is uses for retrieving LinkedIn user profiles connections companies groups posts etc.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testEditEndpoint:247 MVEL - Transforms the message using a MVEL template.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testCreateEndpoint:212 Quartz2 - Provides a scheduled delivery of messages using the Quartz 2.x scheduler.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testCreateEndpoint:212 SFTP - The sftp (FTP over SSH) component is used for uploading or downloading files from SFTP servers.
        ConfigurationsEditorEndpointsTest.testEndpointAvailability:188 SQL - The sql component allows you to work with databases using JDBC Stored Procedure queries.

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