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Seam2.3.0.Beta2 documentation issues




      Introduction to JBoss Seam

      • Hibernate3
        • should be Hibernate4 now
      • "Java EE 5" should be updated to Java EE 5 or 6, or just 6 where it makes sense. Some additional paragraph should be added to the introduction that would explain how Seam2.3 now works on EE6 server, which part of EE6 it uses, mention the relation to CDI, etc.

      Using the Seam examples

      • examples directory is now examples-ee6 (although that should be probably changed for Final)
      • "The example applications run both on JBoss AS and Tomcat with no additional configuration"
        • I don't believe tomcat works ATM, so should be removed
      • "Note that all the examples are built and run from the Ant build.xml, so you'll need a recent version of Ant installed before you get started. "
        • should be Maven now

      Running the examples on JBoss AS

      • "The examples are configured for use on JBoss AS 4.2 or 5.0. "
        • Should be "JBoss AS 7.1"
      • build and deploy steps should be changed to "mvn clean package" and $JBOSS_HOME/bin/jboss-cli.sh --connect 'deploy example-ear/target/example.ear'
      • "Most of the examples can be deployed as a WAR to Tomcat with Embedded JBoss by typing ant tomcat.deploy."
        • not true anymore AFAIK, should be removed.

      Running the examples on Tomcat

      • Should be removed, as embedded jboss is no more and the examples have not been updated for tomcat yet.

      Running the example tests

      • TestNG should be changed to JUnit.
      • Not ant test, but "mvn clean verify -Darquillian=jbossas-managed-7"

      1.2.1. Understanding the code The entity bean: User.java

      • @Length should be changed to @Size

      Example 1.7. web.xml

      • web.xml version and schema should be updated to 3.0 and 3_0.xsd respectively. The JSF configuration: faces-config.xml

      • The <application> element with the view-handler should be removed.
      • version should be updated to 2.1 (2_1.xsd) (actually, the whole file is not necessarry, so this section could be removed. The EJB persistence deployment descriptor: persistence.xml

      • version should be upgraded to 2.0
      • java:/DefaultDS should be changed to java:jboss/datasources/ExampleDS The entity bean: Message.java ... and others

      • @Length should be changed to @Size, see also other examples The view: messages.jsp .. and other JSP and JSPX examples

      • should be converted to xhtml facelets, as we use JSF2 now, so we should not recommend JSP. See also other examples.

      1.6. A complete Seam application: the Hotel Booking example

      • s/Hibernate3/Hibernate4
      • Richfaces AJAX examples need to be migrated to richfaces4, see the updated examples.

      2.1. Before you start

      • "Make sure you have JDK 5 or JDK 6 (see Section 42.1, “JDK Dependencies” for details), JBoss AS 4.2 or 5.0 and Ant 1.7.0, along with recent versions of Eclipse, the JBoss IDE plugin for Eclipse and the TestNG plugin for Eclipse correctly installed before starting"
        • should probably be "JDK 6 or JDK 7 ... JBoss AS 7.1, Maven 3.0.4, ... " and TestNG plugin is no longer necessary.
      • there are other references to JDK5 in the text that should be fixed

      2.9. Using Seam with JBoss 4.0

      • section should be removed

      3.1. Before you start

      • "Make sure you have JDK 5, JBoss AS 4.2 or 5.0, Eclipse 3.3"
        • dependencies should be updated, (JDK6, AS7.1, )

      3.2. Setting up a new Seam project

      • Should be updated according to however it works not in the current jboss tools (at least JBoss AS versions and Seam versions need to be updated in the text)

      16.1.1. Application server configuration

      • should be updated to AS7.1, if it is still needed there.

      21.3. Configuration

      • "The Seam Mail module requires the use of Facelets as the view technology. Future versions of the library may also support the use of JSP. Additionally, it requires the use of the seam-ui package. " this note should probably be removed.

      21.4. Meldware

      • buni.org is a dead link.

      26.4. GWT Ant Targets

      • should be updated to Maven

      29.2. Configuration

      • "It is not longer necessary the register the event listeners if Hibernate Annotations or EntityManager 3.3.x are used. When using Hibernate Search 3.1.x more eventlisteners are needed, but these are registered automatically by Hibernate Annotations; refer to the Hibernate Search reference for configuring it without EntityManager and Annotations." should be removed then, as we now have Hibernate4
      • "hibernate-commons-annotations.jar is not needed in JBossAS6." should be removed or updated to AS7

      30.1.2. Using Facelets

      • not required for JSF2

      30.1.5. Integrating Seam with your EJB container

      • JNDI names should be updated to those that are true for AS7

      30.6. Configuring Seam in Java SE, with JBoss Embedded

      • should probably be removed, together with any other jboss embedded-specific piece of documentation

      30.8. Configuring SFSB and Session Timeouts in JBoss AS

      • should be updated for AS7

      Chapter 35. Clustering and EJB Passivation

      • should be updated for AS7

      37.2. Integration testing Seam components

      • JBoss Embedded parts should probably be removed

      Chapter 39. Seam on BEA's Weblogic
      Chapter 40. Seam on IBM's WebSphere AS v7
      Chapter 41. Seam on GlassFish application server

      • Seam2.3 has not been tested on these platforms, so the docs should at least have a note that this part has not been updated to Seam2.3 and it has not been tested.
      • Also, the ee5/ example is no longer there, so these guides are pretty much useless.

      Chapter 42. Dependencies

      • Should be updated for AS7

      42.3. Dependency Management using Maven

      • should be updated.


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