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      Asked by Mark. Took me a while to accept it, but it's true that we need to do it.

      The author tags in the java files are a maintenance nightmare:

      • A large percentage is wrong, incomplete or inaccurate.
      • Most of the time, it only contains the original author. Many files are completely refactored/expanded by other authors.
      • Git is accurate, that is the canonical source to find the correct author.
      • To find the correct author of a piece of code, you always have to double check with git, you cannot suppose the author on the author tag alone.
      • Author tags promote "code ownership", which is bad in the long run.
      • If people work on a piece they perceive as being owned by someone else, they tend to:
        • only fix what they are assigned to fix, not everything that's broken.
        • discard responsibility if that code doesn't work properly.
        • be scared of stepping of the feet of the owner
        • Instead of "code ownership", we need "module leadership" and "peer reviews".
      • More info: How to get a healthy open source project?

      Credit to the author of peices of code is given:

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