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Task Operation Scheduler Service


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      Not a useful enhancement feature because the same functionality could be handled through the jBPM executor.
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      Currently we only have one scheduling mechanism for task operations to happen in the future, and that is for deadlines. One example of suck thing would be creating a scheduled mechanism for resuming tasks, that we could plug into the engine to determine a moment in the future when we should resume tasks when they are suspended.

      This ticket is for the suggestion for creating a service to allow any kind of operation to be performed on the task to be scheduled as well through a service for Human Tasks. Here's the proposal:

      1. Create a TaskOperationsScheduleService with a schedule method. The method should receive a task id, an operation type, and optional further parameters (for operations such as delegation or complete).
      2. Create an initialization mechanism to load all future scheduled tasks into memory (similar to InitDeadlinesCommand)
      3. Creating a new ScheduledTaskOperation model object that would hold the task id, the
      operation type, and a binary blob representation of any optional parameters.
      4. Creating an ExecuteScheduledOpCommand to execute a given ScheduledTaskOperation on a given time
      5. Creating a new scheduled tasks callable that invokes the ExecuteSheduledOpCommand at the right time

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