This is a regression from 6.0.0.Final to 6.0.1 ER3 Snapshot. Unfortunately this has only just been detected, as we were missing coverage in our tests. The bug showed up in some tests for future feature work.

      The bug causes a client to hang waiting for a message when closing a business activity, if one or more participants could not complete. The Client never receives the message as it is dropped due to it not matching the expected type as required by the WSDL. It turns out that the message has been of the wrong type for some time, but this was tolerated by CXF until the upgrade to CXF 2.4.9.

      This will cause problems for any customer that uses the 'cannot complete' functionality of WS-BA. It may also affect other XTS features that rely on sending SOAP faults.

      I think we have these options:

      1) Ask customers to disable schema validation for the affected XTS services. Maybe we can do this for them in standalone-xts.xml or through a new release of JBossTS.
      2) Fix XTS to send the expected XTS Fault, rather than a regular SOAP fault. This would require a new release of JBossTS. However, I'm not sure this is possible as changing the Fault type may turn it into a regular SOAP message, thus breaking any special fault handling in the SOAP stack.
      3) Modify the WSDL to expect a regular SOAP fault type, rather than a XTS Soap Fault. This isn't good either as it changes a public API (the WSDL).

      See JBTM-1275 for the lower level details.

      More details to come as we investigate further.

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