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use download Manager data from a REST service instead of YAML



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      Download Manager has a rest service, that contains information about all downloads on developers.redhat.com web page (and also many projects on www.jboss.org product pages). In the next year it will start also showing content from ITs unified Download Manager so the number of downloads it describes will become even higher.

      Because our productization team (I think pmuir, cobrien_redhat), has to fill the information about existing downloads to many places (from what I know they must upload it to access.cdn, they must enter information about it to Download Manager, they must mention it in Yaml files, they must upload it to customer portal, some of those to Unified download manager as well...). In my opinion it is quite tedious process that we have a chance to make less complicated.

      Download manager will be a source for the product web pages and as it already contains most of the necessary information wesbos_jira is working on it an he is fairly close to this goal.

      And if we have enough information about that why not use it and replicate the information in a different process?




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