Need to have initial Bower tools support:

      The gist
      Bower tooling should initially support several bower API commands :

      Command Description
      bower init creates a bower.json file
      bower install <package> installs packages to bower_components folder
      bower uninstall <package> uninstalls a package locally from bower_components directory
      bower update updates installed packages to their newest version according to bower.json

      Basically, the main idea of the implementation is the following:
      Eclipse plugin that will execute external bower commands - implementation will fall back on native bower installation via ILaunchConfiguration
      Native bower tools must be preinstalled

      The main questions & proposals:

      1. is probably the best place for initial implementation of bower stuff (infrastructure / build etc.)
      2. UI. should it be ILaunchShortcuts ("bower init" / "bower update" etc.) + launch configuration enabled for projects with js nature?
      3. Implementation details:

      • the way of detecting bower? Should user point to it's installation dir and this location will be used for IExternalToolConstants.ATTR_LOCATION (windows case: \user\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\bower )
      • if bower was not detected / installed - "Error message with a link to the bower website with installation details depending on the platform"

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