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    • Affects Version/s: EWS 1.0.1
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      solaris 10 x86


      Dev13 needs to be updated with the latest solaris patchset to resolve library linking mess.

      See history below:

      Mladen Turk:
      Hi guys

      As part of EWS build we build db4, sasl and openldap libraries.

      Now there is a problem with dev13 because it has installed
      subversion-1.5.4 from Solaris freeware.

      This package depends on sasl and openldap, so those
      packages were installed as well.
      Now, since those packages were build using GCC and
      we use SunCC for our build, there is a problem that
      builds breaks for openldap and httpd since those
      libraries are installed inside default location
      (/usr/local/) and build for those packages
      looks first inside default locations
      (don't ask me why, but that's how it works)

      On my box, it builds without a problem because
      there is no svn1.5 installed.

      I've temporarily renamed
      /usr/local/include to /usr/local/include.sav
      so we'll see if that helps.
      OK, I've solved the issue by manually removing the
      #include <avl.h> from
      /usr/include/sys/vnode.h file

      It's not on my box, but I'm doing regular software updates
      on it, so this is probably fixed by some Solaris patch.

      BTWm any chance to apply the most recent patches on dev13?

      Frankly no idea.

      I came about that on openldap mailing list,
      but there's no mention about the specific patch number:

      However on my box the file /usr/include/sys/vnode.h
      doesn't contain '#include <avl.h>' while the
      version on dev13 does. Now, I have all the latest
      patches applied, but which one exactly solves
      this particular issue I have no clue.

      Apply all the latest, and we should be fine thought


      I did some digging on Sun site and
      here is the only thing I can provide you:

      This one mentions the kernel bug fix for
      "sys/vnode.h pollutes the userland namespace"

      Now someone more experienced in Solaris OS should
      be able to find that informational enough I hope.

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