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EWS - rpm install on RHEL5: installation command from Release Notes takes tomcat5 packages from RHEL5 base channel


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: EWS 1.0.1
    • Fix Version/s: EWS 1.0.2
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      RHEL5 i386, x86_64


      There are two options how to install EWS from RHN in the Release Notes. The former is relevant for systems without tomcat5 installed, the latter is relevant for systems with prior tomcat5 installation.

      On my RHEL5 boxes (both i386 and x86_64) without any tomcat5 package installed, the former command takes tomcat5 packages from RHEL5 base channel instead of EWS channel, see output below.
      The latter command works properly despite of 'exactarch' property settings, at least on my RHEL5 boxes.
      It seems that from now the only proper way how to install EWS is the latter one.

      $ rpm -qa | grep tomcat
      $ yum install tomcat6 tomcat6-webapps tomcat6-admin-webapps tomcat5 tomcat5-webapps tomcat5-admin-webapps tomcat-native httpd mod_jk-ap20
      Package Arch Version Repository Size
      httpd i386 2.2.14-1.2.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 1.0 M
      mod_jk-ap20 i386 1.2.28-4.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 222 k
      tomcat-native i386 1.1.19-1.0.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 63 k
      tomcat5 i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 338 k
      tomcat5-admin-webapps i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 3.0 M
      tomcat5-webapps i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 1.2 M
      tomcat6 noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 111 k
      tomcat6-admin-webapps noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 32 k
      tomcat6-webapps noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 86 k
      Installing for dependencies:
      eclipse-ecj i386 1:3.2.1-19.el5 rhel-i386-server-5 7.9 M
      geronimo-specs i386 1.0-0.M2.2jpp.12 rhel-i386-server-5 230 k
      geronimo-specs-compat i386 1.0-0.M2.2jpp.12 rhel-i386-server-5 5.5 k
      jakarta-commons-dbcp-tomcat5 noarch 1.2.1-7jpp.ep1.2.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 100 k
      jakarta-commons-fileupload i386 1:1.0-6jpp.1 rhel-i386-server-5 48 k
      jakarta-commons-pool-tomcat5 noarch 1.3-11.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 47 k
      jakarta-taglibs-standard i386 1.1.1-7jpp.1 rhel-i386-server-5 675 k
      struts i386 1.2.9-4jpp.5 rhel-i386-server-5 1.0 M
      tomcat5-common-lib i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 199 k
      tomcat5-jasper i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 977 k
      tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 95 k
      tomcat5-server-lib i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 3.6 M
      tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api i386 5.5.23-0jpp.7.el5_3.2 rhel-i386-server-5 152 k
      tomcat6-el-1.0-api noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 40 k
      tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 77 k
      tomcat6-lib noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 4.2 M
      tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api noarch 6.0.24-1.1.ep5.el5 jb-ews-1-i386-server-5-rpm 90 k

      Transaction Summary
      Install 26 Package(s)
      Update 0 Package(s)
      Remove 0 Package(s)

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