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Do not remove .dodeploy files that have no matching deployment file



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      From the referenced forum thread:

      1) Create a "dodeploy" file.
      2) Start AS

      Nothing happens. I notice that my dodeploy file name is misspelled. The WAR name is a little long and complicated, so that's not surprising. But I'm annoyed at the fact that I had to type it and now I have to fix it.

      1) Fix the file name
      2) Start AS

      Nothing happens except that I get this warning:

      09:08:26,174 WARN [org.jboss.as.deployment] (pool-6-thread-1) Deployment of 'C:\jboss-7.0.0.Beta1\standalone\deployments\mojarra2.0-notbundled.war.dodeploy' requested, but the deployment is not present

      But I know the deployment is there! Maybe I should touch the dodeploy. I can't do that from Explorer so I have to open a command prompt. There is no "touch" command on Windows, but luckily I have Cygwin in my path for just such occasions. Woops! I can't touch what isn't there. My dodeploy file is gone!! Where did it go?

      Let's take the README a more literally. Instead of creating a dodeploy file and starting the server, let's try starting the server and actually issuing the touch command from the command prompt.

      1) Start AS
      2) cd to standalone/deployments
      3) touch my-long-funky-war-name.war.dodeploy

      It finally deploys!!




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