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HTTP2 setup problems

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    • Fixed with updated docs in the web guide and HTTP/2 config in the feature-demo. Still wish the less-awful-ssl stuff worked better, but I think that's orthogonal to this issue.


      Since you mention support for HTTP2 in undertow was added in Immutant 2.1.0 I tried to set it up, but I couldn't find any documentation on how you expose the configuration options to enable it.
      So instead I tried to look how you can enable it in undertow proper and I've found you can set flags for that on the configuration object to enable HTTP2 and SPDY but that didn't seem to work - Immutant threa an exception about not being able to find `org.eclipse.jetty.alpn.ALPN$Provider` class at boot (full exception in the link below). Further googling revealed you have to add a certain jar as a dependency for it to work (depending on the version of JDK you are using). When I added the jar the app booted, but I still couldn't connect with HTTP2.

      Which made me remember that HTTP2 requires SSL, so I've generated SSL certificates and used `less-awful-ssl` library to configure Immutant. But when I try to connect with openssl client I get failed handshakes (response attached). Browser can't seem to be able to connect either.

      Some more detailed documentation on how to set up all that would be greatly appreciated.

      A repository reproducing the issue can be found here - https://github.com/jaen/immutant-repro
      Full error messages can be found here - https://gist.github.com/jaen/0fdf7cb91440b00820fb




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