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Adding new Logger category: remove the name attribute/field etc.


      When adding a new logger category, the pop-up window for entering the data contains a field labeled with "Name".
      I think this has no meaning and should be removed.
      It's not documented and the value does not get stored in standalone.xml.

      "use parent handler" defaults to false now. This is likely not want the user wants. It should default to true, like it is when you omit this value in standalone.xml. Or should have a null default and not be required, so that the value in standalone.xml is not specified at all.

      If you look at the list of configured categories, the category column is labeled as Name. But in the details below its labeled as "Category".
      The names should be synced.

      The list of categories is sorted alphabetically by category name by default as it seems. When adding a new logger category, this now is added to the end of the list but it should be inserted at the right position or the list should be sorted again afterwards.

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