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Forge needs a de-centralized plugin distribution and repository system




      There is no disputing the value of this type of feature, as has been shown with App-stores of all kinds. This would be relatively simple to implement as a Maven-based system, delegating all of the artifact resolution and dependency management to Maven.

      Features Forge would need to provide:

      1) Built-in plugins and native APIs to search/install/remove/update plug-ins (easy using forge Resource APIs + Aether to add/remove JARs.) This internal plugin/commands could be called "forge" for simplicity

      $ forge plugin-find prettyfaces

      Forge found the following plugins in specified repositories: <--- notice the 'forgeplugin' classifier used to identify forge plugins from other artifacts.

      $ forge plugin-install prettyfaces --version 3.1.0

      **SUCCESS** [prettyfaces] plugin was successfully installed. You will need to restart forge to see these changes.

      $ forge plugin-list

      Listing installed plugins:

      • prettyfaces [3.1.0]
      • forge-scaffold [1.0.0.Alpha1]
      • forge-javaee6 [1.0.0.Alpha1]
      • home-control [1.0.0.Alpha1]

      $ forge plugin-remove prettyfaces

      Are you sure you you want to remove the plugin(s) [prettyfaces] [Y,n]? Y
      **SUCCESS** [prettyfaces] plugin was successfully removed. You will need to restart forge to see these changes.


      2) Plugin repository management (add/remove/edit/list current plugin repository targets.)

      $ forge repo-list

      Currently using the following plugin repositories:

      $ forge repo-add http://jboss.org/forge/repository/ <-- These two will be KEY, we NEED THESE to happen
      $ forge repo-add http://javaee.org/forge/repository/

      $ forge repo-list

      Currently using the following plugin repositories:

      $ forge repo-del 5

      **SUCCESS** removed repository http://javaee.org/forge/repository/. Plugins installed from this repository will no longer be auto-updated, and can be removed using [forge plugin-remove




      3) Auto-update functionality

      Periodically search for updates to existing plugins (or search on request) - ask users if they would like to see a list of updates or perform an automated update / update individual plugins.

      4) A meta-data system of identifying compatible versions of plugins w/running version of forge.

      Possibly need to create a maven packaging type and build plugin in order to facilitate this type of additional metadata and artifact resolution. (Or could require a <classifier>forgeplugin</classifier>. We already have the maven GAV (GroupId : ArtifactId : Version) information. Supplemented with this classifier, we could easily identify forge plugins from other artifacts in maven.


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