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Bean validation does not work as expected on nested data binding model beans



      Given the folowing classes :

      public class Customer

      { @Valid @NotNull private Phone phone; }

      public class Phone

      { @NotNull private String phoneNumber; }

      public class MyView {
      private DataBinder<Customer> dataBinder;

      private Validator validator;

      protected void valider()

      { Customer customer = dataBinder.getModel(); Set<ConstraintViolation<Customer>> violations = validator.validate(customer); }


      the validate() method is called by the UI
      The expected behaviour is :

      • the validation should fail because of the @NotNull
      • customer .getPhone() must be null

      What happens :

      • The validation the phone @NotNull succeed
      • The validation of the phone @NotNull fails
      • customer.getPhone() returns a Proxy bean
      • phoneNumber is null

      The bean seems to be incorrectly unwrapped by dataBinder.getModel().

      Now if I change the customer class to remove the @NotNull on phone :

      public class Customer

      { @Valid private Phone phone; }

      The behaviour is different :

      • phone is still not null (proxy)
      • phoneNumber is null
      • the phoneNumber @NotNull should fail, but this time the phoneNumber is not checked by the validator, and no validation error is returned.

      In conclusion :

      • the @NotNull constraint does not work on complex Objects (other than String)
      • the cascading validation (@Valid) works only if the parent bean is declared @NotNull
      • The model returned by dataBinder.getModel() is not unwrapped and still have proxies so I cannot manually test it for null values.

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