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Clarify whether bean discovery MAY or MUST NOT include class loading



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      The CDI 1.0 spec and also the current 1.1 draft is rather vague about the issue of class loading vs. class file byte code scanning for bean discovery.

      By default, I would assume the term "class" in a specification to refer to a loaded class, unless explicitly stated otherwise. A feature like Seam Solder's

      public class OptionalBean

      will necessarily break if the CDI container loads OptionalBean during bean discovery - when OptionalDepencency is not available, OptionalBean cannot be loaded, and the CDI container won't even see the @Requires annotation.

      See also http://seamframework.org/Seam3/Compatibility, Section Overzealous class scanner.

      The way I read the CDI spec, GlassFish is fully spec compliant (but maybe not very efficient) in loading bean archive classes for the purpose of discovery.

      @Requires is also spec compliant, but not portable because it tacitly assumes that classes get scanned but not loaded.

      So if scanning in place of loading has been a tacit assumption of the CDI 1.0 authors all the time, it should be made explicit in CDI 1.1. Otherwise, if loading is also a valid option, this should be clearly stated so that extension authors will not rely on accidental features of a given CDI implementation.




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