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Promote Build CSI Volumes to GA


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    • OCPSTRAT-201 - Enable sharing ConfigMaps and Secrets across namespaces [GA]
    • OCPSTRAT-201Enable sharing ConfigMaps and Secrets across namespaces [GA]
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      Epic Goal

      Promote the Build CSI Volumes feature to GA.

      Why is this important?

      CSI volume types in builds are needed to support gaining access to RHEL entitlements and other sensitive secrets during the build process.


      1. Install RHEL RPMs during a build
      2. Access Artifactory or other package repository using an externally managed secret (ex: Vault)

      Acceptance Criteria (Mandatory)

      • CI - MUST be running successfully with tests automated
      • Release Technical Enablement - Provide necessary release enablement details and documents.
      • ...

      Dependencies (internal and external)

      1. GA of CSI Volumes in OCP

      Previous Work (Optional):

      1. ...

      Open questions::

      1. ...

      Done Checklist

      • Acceptance criteria are met
      • Non-functional properties of the Feature have been validated (such as performance, resource, UX, security or privacy aspects)
      • User Journey automation is delivered
      • Support and SRE teams are provided with enough skills to support the feature in production environment

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