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Move LastImageChangeTriggeredID to Status


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      Record the lastImageChangeTriggeredID field in the BuildConfig status, instead of spec.


      BuildConfigs use the lastImageChangeTriggeredID field to record the SHA of the last image used to trigger a build. This information should only be managed by the Build controllers and be placed in the BuildConfig status. By keeping the data in spec, cluster admins and developers can easily alter or remove this information.

      Why is this important?

      Moving this information to status is a prerequisite for using GitOps to manage BuildConfigs with ImageChange triggers.



      Stories and Deliverables

      • BUILD-186: Record LastImageChangeTriggeredID in status

      Estimate: (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) S

      Previous Work:


      User Stories:

      As an OpenShift engineer
      I want to image change triggers to record their information BuildConfig status
      So that eventually changes to ImageChange triggers in the BuildConfig spec do not cause builds to launch

      As a developer using OpenShift to build images
      I want to trigger a build when the base image of my application changes
      So that bug fixes and security patches are applied to my application.

      As an OpenShift cluster admin
      I want to be alerted if something cleared the LastImageTriggeredID in a BuildConfig
      So that I am aware that cluster users are relying on deprecated behavior.

      Success Criteria:

      1. Image change triggers record lastImageTriggeredID in the BuildConfig's status
      2. Customers are notified that lastImageTriggeredID is deprecated in BuildConfig's spec
      3. Customers are alerted if their users are relying on deprecated behavior

      Open Questions:

      See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1thcVR31TElJBXBGmyaYXZ9jRejp5W4-ppNYn4g3_mgk/edit# for a fuller explanation on how to use this template.

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