This will be useful as it supports the Stomp protocol natively
      We need it to GA before we can use it

      Establish baseline deployment configuration for -hybrid transport
      Here are the core dependencies for -hybrid:
      1. MDB container
      2. JMS provider - e.g. JBM
      3. CORBA name service
      4. Arjuna JTS
      5. StompConnect
      6. Web container for the JMX console

      Items 2 to 5 should be easy to run outside of the AS (especially with JBM 2.0), hopefully JBM provides some lightweight MDB container that can run with their servers - could be wishful thinking... Prior to release 1 we need to get this baseline configured as the recommended deployment configuration.

      We also needthe JMX console, it looks like running in a web container.
      not sure JBM has its own admin tools to maintain queues also, but admin-console in AS looks great.

      Taken from: (newer version available at


      minimal: The minimal configuration contains the bare minimum
      services required to start JBoss. It starts the logging service, a
      JNDI server and a URL deployment scanner to find new deployments.
      This is what you would use if you want to use JMX/JBoss to start
      your own services without any other J2EE technologies. This is
      just the bare server. There is no web container, no EJB or JMS


      default: The default configuration consists of the standard
      services needed by most J2EE applications. It does not include the
      JAXR service, the IIOP service, or any of the clustering services.


      all: The all configuration starts all the available services.
      This includes the RMI/IIOP and clustering services, which aren't
      loaded in the default configuration.

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