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Update "system" module so it does not expose JDK classes that should be obtained via other modules



      bstansberry: http://community.jboss.org/thread/157565?tstart=0 – my last post is an issue that impacts managed bean deployments


      [11:09am] bstansberry: the jar in the javax.annotation.api modules includes classes that also exist in the JDK classes.jar
      [11:09am] bstansberry: so the same class (name) is visible via two modules
      [11:10am] bstansberry: results in two separate classes w/ same name in the runtime and weird effects
      [11:10am] dmlloyd: yeah we should not be importing system generally
      [11:10am] dmlloyd: it's just a stopgap
      [11:11am] Nihility: one thing we can do in the short term
      [11:11am] Nihility: is remove those packages from system
      [11:11am] dmlloyd: or filter them
      [11:11am] Nihility: i mean we definitely dont want those jdk classes in AS7
      [11:12am] Nihility: under any circumstances
      [11:12am] Nihility: theres a bunch of stuff like that that we want to override
      [11:12am] Nihility: JSR 250
      [11:12am] Nihility: QName
      [11:12am] Nihility: im trying to think of anything else
      [11:13am] Nihility: oh the ws stuff
      [11:13am] Nihility: jaxb
      [11:13am] Nihility: etc
      [11:14am] bstansberry: is the solution (for now at least) to have "system" not expose those classes?
      [11:18am] Nihility: yeah i think so
      [11:18am] Nihility: we should be able to edit the system module
      [11:18am] Nihility: and remove those paths

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