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Complete support for OSGi JPA

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      127.3.1 Services

      Entity Manager Factory Builder service -– The Entity Manager Factory Builder service provides the capability of creating an EntityManagerFactory object with additional configuration properties

      Add EntityManagerFactory service properties•

      • osgi.unit.name - The name of the Persistence Unit (done)
      • osgi.unit.version - The version of the associated Persistence Bundle
      • osgi.unit.provider - The implementation class name of the JPA Provider
      127.3.4 Custom Configured Entity Manager

      If a Client Bundle needs to provide configuration properties for the creation of an Entity Manager Factory it should use the Entity Manager Factory Builder service. This can for example be used to provide the database selection properties when the Persistence Unit is incomplete or if the database selection needs to be overridden.

      Once an Entity Manager Factory is created the specified Data Source becomes associated with the Entity Manager Factory. It is therefore not possible to re-associate an Entity Manager Factory with another Data Source by providing different properties. A JPA Provider must throw an Exception when an attempt is made to re-specify the database properties.

      127.4.2 Meta Persistence Header

      Support non-default persistence descriptors through the Meta-Persistence header

      For example: Meta-Persistence: META-INF/jpa.xml, persistence/jpa.xml

      127.4.3 Processing

      The JPA Provider must validate the Persistence Bundle. A valid Persistence Bundle must:••

      • Have no parsing errors of the Persistence Descriptors
      • Validate all Persistence Descriptors against their schemas
      • Have at least one assigned Persistence Unit
      • Have all entity classes mentioned in the assigned Persistence Units on the Persistence Bundle’s JAR.

      If any validation fails, then this is an error and should be logged. Such a bundle is ignored completely even if it also contains valid assigned Persistence Units. Only a bundle update can recover from this

      127.4.8 Stopping

      If a Persistence Bundle is being stopped, then the JPA Provider must ensure that any resources allocated on behalf of the Persistence Bundle are cleaned up and all open connections are closed. This cleanup must happen synchronously with the STOPPING event. Any Exceptions being thrown while cleaning up should be logged but must not stop any further clean up.

      If the JPA Provider is being stopped, the JPA Provider must unregister all JPA Services that it registered through the Persistence Bundles and clean up as if those bundles were stopped.

      127.5.3 Data Source Factory Service Matching

      Providers must use the javax.persistence.jdbc.driver property, as defined in JDBC Access in JPA on page 406, to obtain a Data Source Factory service. The Data Source Factory is specified in JDBC™ Service Specification on page 375. The javax.persistence.jdbc.driver property must be matched with the value of the Data Source Factory service property named osgi.jdbc.driver.class.

      127.5.4 Rebinding

      In this specification, the Entity Manager Factory service is only registered when the Persistence Unit is complete and a matching Data Source Factory service is available. However, the API of the Entity
      Manager Factory allows the creation of an Entity Manager with configuration properties. Those configuration properties could contain the JDBC properties to bind to another Data Source Factory service than it had already selected.

      This case must not be supported by a JPA Provider, an Illegal Argument Exception must be thrown.

      127.6 Static Access

      A Static Persistence Bundle must provide static access from the Persistence class to the JPA Services.

      This issue is complete when the TCK passes


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